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Choose clean energy and support Newtown's purchase of renewable energy!

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"Environmental Group" under How Did You Hear About Us. Every 100 customers that sign up Newtown gets another solar panel installed.

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Community Energy is committed to increasing the domestic supply of clean, fuel-free energy. We deliver real solutions to climate change in the form of new wind power generation and carbon offsets.


10 Simple Actions to conserve & energy

The Sustainable Energy Commission launched the “Strive for Five” community challenge to increase to 500 the number of households and businesses in Newtown, CT signed up for CTCleanEnergyOptions. The challenge will conclude at the end of April 2011, which has been designated Energy Awareness Month.

We need you to sign up today to help us achieve our collective, town wide goal to earn free solar photovoltaic systems to be installed on our municipal buildings. Help reduce our town operating costs, make our tax dollars go farther...

Reed Intermediate School Solar Panel Project

Reed Intermediate School Solar Panel Project

As of December 31, 2010, Newtown had earned a total of 631 clean energy points from CCEF. Newtown earned 1 point for each of the 432 customers enrolled in the CTCleanEnergyOptions program, earned 3 points for each of the 26 clean energy installations in town and earned another 100 points when Curtis Packaging Corporation made a large-scale clean energy purchase. Newtown’s clean energy points have earned the town 7 kW in clean energy systems from CCEF to date.

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Global warming and climate change are upon us and virtually all scientists agree that human activity is a primary cause. Global temperatures and sea levels are rising.  Storms are increasing in frequency and intensity, causing both floods and drought.  Carbon emissions and other pollution are fouling the air we breathe, the water we drink, and endangering food stocks.  These events are also damaging human health and driving many species to extinction.  

We can reduce these impacts and protect the environment our children and grandchildren will inherit.  The choices we make today and in the coming years can help conserve the natural, economic, and social character of Newtown. While the challenge is worldwide, it is also local. Therefore, the Newtown community must think and act locally to soften the impact of past activities on our future well-being.

While being aware of global initiatives, we will collaborate at the community level to identify areas for conserving natural resources, to promote greater use of renewable energy, to help reduce emissions and pollution, and to increase individual awareness of ecology. We plan to help our community live sustainably and be good stewards for the earth.

Strive for Five

Strive For 5: 353 Sign-ups
"Strive for 5" goal (500)
Current Households (432)

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